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Providing non-medical services to seniors in Burlington and Oakville.

Our Services

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Many seniors struggle with loneliness and isolation. If you or your loved one would benefit from a friendly and supportive companion for occasional, weekly, or daily visits to engage in meaningful, personalized and enjoyable activities then our companionship services are for you. We would be happy to provide a visit at a time convenient for you or your loved one. The scope of this time spent is unlimited and geared completely to the senior in need. These visits can include sitting down with a cup of tea to chat, going for a walk, playing cards, personal care, reading and writing letters, light housekeeping, meal preparation, technology assistance, or whatever else brings joy and comfort.

Call us or send us an email and let’s schedule some time for some conversation, an activity or two, and a helping hand!

Transportation Assistance

We offer much more than just transportation. Whether you need a safe ride to your medical or dental appointments, to have lunch with an old friend, to take part in social events, or if you simply don’t like driving in bad weather, let us provide the assistance you need. We will get you there, stay with you until you are ready to leave, and then take you back home safely and get you settled to get on with your day.

We accompany our clients and take care of everything.

  • Getting you to and from appointments
  • Liaising between medical staff and family – we will accompany our client, take notes, report details back to family, and follow up when necessary (medication reminders, physiotherapy exercises, etc.)
  • Driving you to visit friends and relatives or to other social events such as community gatherings, the theatre, or religious services

Please call us or send us a message to discuss your transportation needs and let us get you where you need to go!

Grocery Shopping and Errand Running

Getting out to pick up groceries and errand running can be exhausting.  Let us complete these tasks with you or for you, deliver the items home, and put them away. Unlike local transportation or a taxi, we will stay for the full duration of your errand.

  • Grocery shopping – we can do the shopping for you or accompany you on a shopping trip and provide help to put groceries away at home
  • Personal shopping, for yourself or to help select gifts for family and friends
  • Other errands such as prescription, dry cleaning, and post-office drop-offs or pick-ups, banking, trips to the shopping mall, or car service and repair

Don’t see it on the list? Contact us and let’s design an errand service for you!

Vacation Home Watch

Whether you are out of town for a few days or you are a snowbird enjoying the sun and golf course for several months in the south, you can rely on us to perform a careful on-site service check of both the interior and exterior of your home. After each walk through, you will be sent a full report updating you on the status of your property providing you peace of mind. Contact us for a FREE consultation and NO OBLIGATION quote. During our visit we’ll review the details of our home check process, discuss your needs, and do a thorough walk through of your home and property in order to create detailed notes and a personal checklist.

Our quote includes:

  • Check home and property for signs of intrusion, vandalism, and weather damage
  • Clear steps and walkways of snow and debris, collect flyers and newspapers
  • Vary lighting and drapes
  • Inspect and ensure all systems are operational (heating and cooling; hydro; water and pipes)
  • Check for damages (broken windows, blocked drains)
  • Water plants and flowers, inside and outside
  • Meet service, repair, and maintenance providers on your behalf
  • Provide reports and/or photos when and how you want them

*Rates based on check frequency

Contact us for a quote and to customize a home check service plan uniquely designed for you!

Other Services

If you or your loved one requires a need that you don’t see on the list just give us a call or send us a message and let’s talk about it! As all of our clients are unique individuals… so is our plan of care!