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Quality Time With Grandparents Reduces Ageism

Quality over quantity!  This study proves that kids who spend quality time with loving grandparents are less likely to become prejudiced against the elderly later in life.  This is an interesting article just out this week that discusses the importance of fostering a great connection with your grandkids.

Quality Time With Grandparents Could Reduce Kids’ Ageist Mindset Later In Life

“When it came to ageist views, we found that quality of contact mattered much more than frequency.”

For all those parents who’ve felt the sudden urge to drop their kids at Grandma’s house, you’re not alone — and now there’s science to support your cause. While your primary motivation might be an uninterrupted night with Netflix, a new study suggests that spending quality time with one’s grandparents might inevitably prevent ageism later in life.

According to a recent study, fostering nurturing relationships between children and their grandparents could prevent said kids from developing an ageist mindset down the road. Published in the journal Child Development, the findings claim that children who establish a sound, loving relationship with their grandparents are less likely to become prejudiced against the elderly as they grow up.

Conducted by University of Liege in Belgium, researchers asked 1,151 Belgium children, ages 7 to 16, to describe their feelings toward their grandparents. As it turns out, those who were unhappy with the relationship were more inclined to have ageist views. Ultimately, quality trumps frequency, as those who have solid relationships with their grandparents are less prejudiced regardless of how often they see each other.

“The most important factor associated with ageist stereotypes was poor quality of contact with grandparents,” Allison Flamion, psychology graduate student and study leader, said in a news release from the Society for Research in Child Development. “We asked children to describe how they felt about seeing their grandparents. Those who felt unhappy were designated as having poor quality of contact. When it came to ageist views, we found that quality of contact mattered much more than frequency.”

“Since people are living and staying healthier longer, many individuals cannot necessarily afford to retire at 65,” Javorsky explains. “With better health, vast numbers of older adults are able to keep working longer than past generations could. This reality has not stopped many employers and coworkers from believing it’s time for older adults to leave the workforce once they celebrate a certain birthday. When their employers act upon this belief, workers can be confronted with age discrimination.”

If we can begin to curb negative perspectives by teaching children to love and respect the elderly people they hold near and dear to their hearts, perhaps we can work to cultivate an enriched workforce where all ages are welcome.

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2018 Retirement Destination Winner!

Let’s make some assumptions: first you have, through responsible living and working hard (or you are just lucky), accumulated sufficient financial resources to retire and maybe even continue to live the way you did the day before you retired.  You aren’t wealthy or living below the poverty line.  (If you are suddenly wealthy you can send me your contact info 😉 )

Secondly, you haven’t any new health concerns.  Ok maybe you aren’t quite as slim or have all of your hair but hey, you are doing ok!  Maybe it is time to make some plans to travel.  Will it be to a favourite destination that you have travelled to before? Will you explore somewhere new?  Do you see yourself falling for ‘pier pressure’ on a sandy beach or are you sipping a cold pint in the pub on a rainy day in Ireland?  It is all based on personal preference.  One man’s paradise can be another man’s hell.

Sometimes it is best to talk to the experts!  Can you guess (no peeking) International Living’s number’s best place to retire in 2018?  Mexico? Portugal? Ok….now you can scroll down…





Costa Rica has been hosting retirees for more than 30 years, and all the reasons why this Central American gem first attracted those seeking a better life abroad back then still hold true today.

As a safe and stable country, with no army, Costa Rica welcomes foreigners with open arms. People are friendly and happy. The unofficial national motto, Pura Vida, means “life is good.” And that laidback attitude permeates daily life in this country. It’s a stress-free, relaxed existence.

Expats are attracted to Costa Rica for numerous reasons, which include the affordable cost of living, excellent healthcare, a modern telecommunications structure, beautiful beaches, rainforests, lush valleys, and cool mountains…not to mention the theaters, art galleries, and fine dining. There are more than 20,000 expats living in Costa Rica and many well-established expat communities.

One of the major benefits of Costa Rica is the affordable cost of living. “For between $2,000 and $3,000 per month, a retired couple can live well and cover all expenses without scrimping,” says IL’s Roving Latin America Editor Jason Holland. “For example, you can fill your fridge with fresh produce from farmers’ markets for about $35 per week…property taxes are just 0.25% of the home’s assessed value…a decent meal at a local restaurant will run you $5 per plate…and rents start at $400 per month for fully-furnished condos or homes in nice areas.”

Costa Rica also has a wide variety of climates, landscapes, and lifestyles. So there’s really something for everybody. Whether you want a temperate climate in the mountains, in small farming communities…or would rather chill out in a bustling beach town where there’s always a party going on…there’s a place for you in Costa Rica.

In the world’s top retirement haven for 2018, you’ll find the tropics along the Pacific and Caribbean Coasts, while most of the Central Valley is cool and breezy. If you find it difficult to choose which climate you prefer, you will be glad to know that the mild temperatures of the Central Valley are just two hours by car from the tropical beaches of the Pacific Coast.

One of the major reasons Costa Rica is so attractive to retirees is the highly-rated healthcare. All the latest technology is available, and doctors are trained in the latest techniques.

With its slower pace of living, warm, welcoming climate, healthy, fresh foods, and reputation as one of the “greenest, cleanest” countries in the world, it’s no wonder Costa Ricans are considered among the “happiest people on the planet.”

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